Friends, we have amazing news for you – OUR NEW ALBUM IS FINISHED!! We did it! What seemed to be impossible is now becoming a reality, only because of the incredible support and endurance of our friends and patrons at Patreon. From our hearts: thank you all so much for making this possible!

The album will be out later this year on Prophecy Productions and of course from today on a tremendous campaign will start to reach every corner of the world 🙂 we will let you know very soon.

For now we all feel empowered and relieved and somewhat tired all at once. It was a hell of a ride but absolutely worth everything!

So stay tuned and spread the word … this is happening!

And thank you all for your trust and faith in this band!


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Picture by Markus – Dein eigenwilliges Metal-Magazin

Friends, things are getting serious! The new album is coming close to completion and today we want to invite you to the RECORD RELEASE SHOW!
On SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 in LEIPZIG, WERK 2 HALLE D we will present our new album to you for the first time.
We are looking forward to it and are really excited!

Tickets for the evening are now on PRE-SALE!!! Click here to get yours.


Dear friends, our year kicks off with great news: Disillusion have signed a record deal with Prophecy Productions! That marks another milestone for us on our way back since our comeback single ALEA.

We feel very honored to now be part of the Prophecy community and really do look forward to a great collaboration both musically, stylistically and also artwork-wise. We have been welcomed very warmly, so we are very glad to see our upcoming new album to be in the best hands we can think of!

Currently we are finishing this new record that will be released later this year following live shows and/or a small tour. But now, we celebrate this moment!

Disillusion are back.

Spread the word !

Foto: Tom Streller

Friends, great news from the band! Our new album is coming close to completion and we finally will start recording the songs in early october! It is a dream coming true for us and we cannot thank all our patrons and supporters enough for making this album possible. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD that this is really happening. Talk to you very soon, DIS.

Happy Birthday BACK TO TIMES OF SPLENDOR!! today 14 years ago Metalblade released our debut lobgplayer worldwide. It is in fact so long ago, yet while writing for the new record, it actually feels like yesterday. We are so glad so many of you love this record 🙂
Happy birthday !

A long-time dream came true, when we decided to enhance the experience at our live shows for the Disillusion audience. Maybe from the very first days of the band, the music we do in Disillusion is very often written for 3 guitars. Until today we were of course only 2 guitar players on stage with Sebastian and Andy and sometimes it is very hard to compensate for the sonic missing of the third guitar. Especially songs of BACK TO TIMES OF SPLENDOR and basically every song of the new record gain so much when being played by 3 guitars.

So, many years had to pass before we came up with a rather simply solution: “Well then, let’s just have 3 guitars on stage!” And in 2018: Tadaa, we make it happen!

So, Ben, who was playing the bass in the last 2 years is moving to the 3rd guitar and acoustic guitar and will also be playing a lot of live “special” instruments ( also some percussion, etc.). Ben is an amazing guitar player and is actually a guitar teacher – so it feels more than natural to have him on guitar.

But more is to say: the bass-spot was vacant again and guess what – and this is exactly what this video is about – we have a new bass player – we have a new member in the band!!

His name is Felix Tilemamm. He is already learning all the old songs, the new stuff, and he is doing a great job! Felix is a very fun guy, and also a calm and already productive member (besides a soon to be professional yoga teacher – so Namasté) Of course Felix will be playing bass on the record as well.

So, from all of us : Welcome Felix!

With this major improvement, we cannot wait to play live again and deliver a whole new Disillusion sound. See you on the road!

Friends, welcoming someone new to a band always means the departure of a band member, so it is a very ambiguous feeling today. Sadly we have to announce that our long-time drummer from the very first hours of the “new” Disillusion back in 1999 – Jens Maluschka – has left the band. This was and is a very smooth process that happened over the past months and we are all still friends, Jens just cannot make it anymore. We came back together after some years after GLORIA to create and release ALEA and to prepare for a new album, the third Disillusion record. Things then went really quick again and we always try to give our best. Sometimes, we just cannot give 100% everywhere … In his own words:

The last 3 years have been intense, creative and exciting. We released “ALEA” and had cool concerts. But now is the time for me to go new ways. I would like to thank the guys for the cooperation and of course the fans that you have always believed in and supported us. I wish Disillusion all the best for the future and of course a terrific 3rd album!Jens

Of course we will miss Jens a lot – his style and personality have been a very strong part of the band for many years. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING JENS!

But today is also a day of joy: let us introduce the man who fills the empty seat: JOSH SALDANHA!! Welcome to the family, Josh! So, the leaving of Jens went very smooth and Josh and we got together very smoothly also over the past months. Josh moved to Germany from Dubai almost a year ago and has already become part of the band in every aspect. And we are very happy about that and him 🙂 Again, welcome Josh! Of course Josh will play the drums on the soon to come new album and we all are very much looking forward to that. He brings an energy that moves ahead this band in 2018 so much. So glad you are here!

Dear Friends, 2017 has been an amazing year for us. We are working on our new album thanks to you all and your support! We want to say THANK YOU and wish you all a Merry Christmas with your families and friends! Have a really great time! And we meet again in 2018 … Dis.

Friends, the fantastic BACK TO TIMES OF SPLENDOR – TRIPTYCH Megaposter is available again at our Online Shop! It consists of 3 separate high quality posters and measures 177 cm x 42 cm in total. Have a great day! Meanwhile, we are continuing writing songs for the new album… Visit our online shop