Hello everybody, it’s crazy – 20 years ago in Nov2001 our debut EP THREE NEURON KINGS came out and paved the way for all the great things to come up to today. Last night we took the chance to celebrate in the original lineup w/ Jens and Rajk and myself during a Patreon live Q&A, that was a lot of fun and a reunion of sorts 🙂 I can’t really remember when was the last time the three of us got together. I dare to include a picture of us 20 years ago unwrapping the package containing the first TNK cds on Jens’ car somewhere in Leipzig in 2001, and yes, we also do get older … and wiser 😜 I am sure there will be something happening next year … but today I want to thank all of you who supported us from the very first days! That means so much to us!! … TNK is available on all streaming services, but if you wish to support us directly please order your copy here Cheers 🖤

We have some new live dates for 2022 for you! Presented by ROCKHARD

14.10.2022 KÖLN

15.10.2022 FRANKFURT Main

28.10.2022 HAMBURG

29.10.2022 BERLIN

04.11.2022 LEIPZIG

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Well, it was quite predictable …

today also our shows in November were cancelled due to the pandemic situation: 07 NOV Andernach and 13 NOV Berlin will not take place. We are more than sorry to annouce that. This means in fact that there will be no more Disillusion shows in 2020. We are working on moving everything to 2021 and will keep you posted! Stay safe!


Dear friends, it is such a pleasure to finally share BETWEEN with you all. Please enjoy it and let us know how you feel about the song! To us this is a very special and emotional release. Especially now in these demanding times and all the changes that are taking place at once – it is so important to stay focused and connected to ourselves, to breathe and to listen to our inner voices. We hope, BETWEEN will contribute a bit. Have a good day! Disillusion.

Hello everyone, so here we go and … release Part II of our REHEARSAL ROOM SESSIONS – Save The Past, also taken from our 2006 record GLORIA (Metal Blade Records).

While we are fully into writing tracks for a new and fourth record, it really was fun to revist and update this old track that we have not played live for many years. Of course we hope you enjoy this version! Needless to say that we miss live shows and getting together with you, We have been looking forward to this year’s festival season for a long time and we surely had some nice ideas for those shows. Well, all we can do is hope that things will change soon and that concerts might be happening by the end of the year, you know that.

Anyway, please stay focused and healthy and respectful in these times of change. I wish to believe these changes are chances.

More big news will be coming this week! Stay tuned …

In April we played a full Livestream Show live from Werk 2 / Leipzig. You can watch it here : LIVESTREAM VIDEO

Special times, special measures. Hello everyone, we sat down and asked ourselves, what would you enjoy seeing and hearing from the band in these times … and came up with the idea to do a LIVE FROM THE REHEARSAL ROOM Series where we’d play old(er) songs that we have not played live for some time or maybe never before.

So, today starting: please enjoy GLORIA, the title track of our 2006 album GLORIA released by Metalblade Records.

If you like this one, please encourage us to do more vids like this 🙂 Everything you see and hear was done by the band, no crew involved, pretty cool, we’d say. Again, have fun!!

In April we played a full Livestream Show live from Werk 2 / Leipzig. You can watch it here : LIVESTREAM VIDEO