Dear Friends, 2017 has been an amazing year for us. We are working on our new album thanks to you all and your support! We want to say THANK YOU and wish you all a Merry Christmas with your families and friends! Have a really great time! And we meet again in 2018 … Dis.

Friends, the fantastic BACK TO TIMES OF SPLENDOR – TRIPTYCH Megaposter is available again at our Online Shop! It consists of 3 separate high quality posters and measures 177 cm x 42 cm in total. Have a great day! Meanwhile, we are continuing writing songs for the new album… Visit our online shop

Back home after two great weekends on the road in Munich, Bayreuth, Rostock and Hamburg with our friends of MYRA.

Thank you all for coming to see us live and celebrating with us! Also we feel so glad to be traveling with such a fantastic crew! Thank You guys, you are doing an amazing job!

Now we are back in writing mode for the new record.

Dear friends, from the day we started our Patreon support campaign for the new disillusion album in march it all went so absolutely amazing and fast. Your support is huge and we were able to start making his record right away! And now we even reached the “final” goal : writing, recording and working with a producer to achieve the best possible sound is now financed!!!! THANK YOU ALL so much for this opportunity! Please be assured, we are working hard on the new songs and also we are working hard to give the band a kickstart when the album comes out, being prepared to hit the big stages (again)!
Now – we definitely do not want be greedy: the campaign of course will be going for one year and if we keep that level of your financial support, things are going to work out perfectly. Anyway, there is always a certain need for investments and improvements in many ways. If you want to support us beyond the Patreon campaign goal then please feel free to contact us!! No Cent will be wasted. Also it is possible that some of our patrons will not be able to support us all the way through the year. This is perfectly alright with us and absolutely understandable. We will continue to promote our campaign to keep that financial level.
Thank you all again and talk to you very soon!


We are finally starting work on the new – third – Disillusion album! We have done a lot in the past months and we did it all with you! Thank you very much for your support and believing in the band!!! But today we want to open a whole new chapter … AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! We started a campaign on | | where YOU can support DISILLUSION so that the Third Disillusion album will finally come!

We cordially invite you to take look at our campaign, read through everything and we look forward to your support! You will find detailed information on the Patreon page of Disillusion. Andy is already writing new songs in the forest in exile for quite fresh ideas and peace.

Friends, we can do this! Thank you for your support!!!

Complexity Fest with support drummer Max

Friends, sad news is that Jens will not be able to play with us at the Complexity Fest 2017 on 25th Feb due to family reasons … BUT we have this amazing young gentleman Max Weißenfels supporting us on drums for that evening! Believe us, this is going to be great! See you there ….

Friends, We wish you a wonderful 2017, great new experiences and good luck with everything you are doing!
We can look back on a good year with the band: after many years we realeased our new EP ALEA, which we are very proud of – we have grown as a band, were on tour and we are very optimistic that our plans for 2017 will be going well.
We like to thank you very much for your support, for listening to ALEA and celebrating its release live with us on our tour in fall of last year.
Now it is time for the big goal: the third Disillusion album. We are very excited!
In the meantime we will play some shows and are already preparing for the Complexity Festival in February.
We’ll see you very soon!

Foto: Stephan Böhm

And so it ends … our little ALEA tour. And though it really was only a few, these five shows really are memorable! Our first tour in many years, making a lot of new experiences, meeting really nice people and being on the road together as a band with a great crew – we would love to go back on tour and play for you right away…
Thank you all for coming and supporting Disillusion in Berlin, Duisburg, Frankfurt and Zwickau and Vienna!!!! It was a pleasure! We will be back. And we are already looking forward!

Next Shows:
2017-02-25 Complexity Fest – Haarlem – NL
2017-04-08 Würzburg DE