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ALEA is again based in the style of the überwerk “Back to times of splendor” and is progressive atmospheric music at its best with an incredibly original sound.

9/10 pts

RockHard October 2016 – Patrick Schmidt


… Appetithappen, der die Begeisterung angesichts von “sie sind wieder da” bestätigt und die Vorfreude auf den anstehenden Longplayer steigert. Willkommen retour.

11/15 pts

LEGACY Magazine


Wie eine dramaturgisch sauberst ausgearbeitete Einleitung zu einem Buch, von dem man jetzt schon Großes erwartet. Und das Fazit daraus? Man will weiterlesen – man will mehr!

8,5/10 pts


ALEA besteht im Grunde aus einer Idee, aus wenigen Akkorden. Diese sind aber so intelligent verwoben, so gut arrangiert und mit diversen Instrumenten und Melodien versehen, dass daraus ein großartiger, berührender Song entstanden ist, der die ganze Klasse dieser Band in diesem einen Song vereint.



4,5/5 pts

DeepGround Magazine



8/10 pts


Epic Work!

9/10 pts




Amazing, in only 2 weeks on 07th October our new single ALEA will finally be released! We are really really excited …


Friends! Disillusion will hit the road again this fall. Here are the first dates, more to come … Hope to see you there!

04 NOV – BERLIN – Privatclub
17 NOV – DUISBURG – Grammatikoff
18 NOV – FRANKFURT – 11er
19 NOV – ZWICKAU – Seilerstraße
25 NOV – VIENNA – Viper Room

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Friends! After almost 10 years we finally release new material! Our new single ALEA will be out on 07 Oct, 2016 via KickTheFlame Records. Alea is one 10 minute epic song and comes as beautiful digikpak.

Order your copy or download at our ONLINE STORE!

Trailer for ALEA

Friends, as promised: our line-up is complete again! Please give a warm welcome to our new bass player : BEN HAUGG !!!
Ben is a highly skilled bass player / guitarist with a lot of experience and dedication and is doing a lot of bass and guitar teaching here in Leipzig. Great to have you with us, Ben!! Very much looking forward to the near and distant future!

Foto credit : Peter Sack @

The release of our live video THE BLACK SEA Live in Leipzig unfortunately also marks the end of Djons time in the band. Already some months ago, Disillusions bass-player and Frenchman Djon had to make the decision to go back to Paris due to a variety of reasons. We all agreed that it would be incredibly hard to organize shows, rehearsals and not at last uphold the community of the band over such a distance.
We are all very sorry for not being able to collect the fruits of the efforts we all made together in the past year. Djon has done an amazing job in resurrecting the band with his playing, his attitude and his character. We will remember a great year together with amazing shows and a very warm-hearted feeling within the band. Djon, THANK YOU for being part of us and for being such a great person, we all wish you all the best in the future in all your endeavors in France!!!!

A “replacement” for Djon has already been found and will be announced very soon …


Friends, today our new live video THE BLACK SEA Live in Leipzig came out! Watch it right here and enjoy …

A huge THANK YOU gain to all who came to the show in December and to everyone involved in making this video!!!!!!

Video Production : Andre Gorjatschow
Recording & Mastering : Michael Boer
Mixing : Andy Schmidt
Live Cam : Manuela Staudte
Live Sound : Christian Ernst
Lights : Richard Kühne