Friends, we wish you and your families a Magnificent New Year!!
We are back from the holidays working and rehearsing again … still under heavy impressions of the concert in Leipzig beginning of December. Amazing – and again thank you all for coming.

For those who couldn’t be there … here 2 live reviews that came in. Both in German.
Talk to you soon.


Foto: EHH Fotografie

Friends! We hope you had an amazing evening last Friday in Leipzig – WE SURELY HAD! Thank you all for coming to the show and for celebrating the return of Disillusion with us! It really was an honor to play for you – old songs and the new one. A concert in your hometown with friends and family and all other waiting ears is very special and marks a milestone every time.
So thank you again and stay tuned for news to come!!!!

DIS on stage

Mblade BTTOS Vinyl
Metal Blade to release classical DISILLUSION album “Back To Times Of Splendor” for the first time ever on vinyl on 27th of November, 2015! The triple gatefold double-LP will be released in four different, limited editions (180 g black | orange | amber | Leafmeal).

The Leafmeal edition will be available exclusively at the Leafmeal Festival ( Details here ) taking place at the FZW in Dortmund, Germany on release date, the 27th of November where DISILLUSION will play a special “Back To Times Of Splendor”-show.

Pre-Order your copy now at the Disillusion Shop.