We reached our PATREON goal!!!

Dear friends, from the day we started our Patreon support campaign for the new disillusion album in march it all went so absolutely amazing and fast. Your support is huge and we were able to start making his record right away! And now we even reached the “final” goal : writing, recording and working with a producer to achieve the best possible sound is now financed!!!! THANK YOU ALL so much for this opportunity! Please be assured, we are working hard on the new songs and also we are working hard to give the band a kickstart when the album comes out, being prepared to hit the big stages (again)!
Now – we definitely do not want be greedy: the campaign of course will be going for one year and if we keep that level of your financial support, things are going to work out perfectly. Anyway, there is always a certain need for investments and improvements in many ways. If you want to support us beyond the Patreon campaign goal then please feel free to contact us!! No Cent will be wasted. Also it is possible that some of our patrons will not be able to support us all the way through the year. This is perfectly alright with us and absolutely understandable. We will continue to promote our campaign to keep that financial level.
Thank you all again and talk to you very soon!