Hello everybody, it’s crazy – 20 years ago in Nov2001 our debut EP THREE NEURON KINGS came out and paved the way for all the great things to come up to today. Last night we took the chance to celebrate in the original lineup w/ Jens and Rajk and myself during a Patreon live Q&A, that was a lot of fun and a reunion of sorts ­čÖé I can’t really remember when was the last time the three of us got together. I dare to include a picture of us 20 years ago unwrapping the package containing the first TNK cds on Jens‘ car somewhere in Leipzig in 2001, and yes, we also do get older … and wiser ­čśť I am sure there will be something happening next year … but today I want to thank all of you who supported us from the very first days! That means so much to us!! … TNK is available on all streaming services, but if you wish to support us directly please order your copy here Cheers ­čľĄ

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EUROPEAN TOUR in September 2022 with OSCUAR & PERSEFONE!!
Tickets and Info here: TOUR

Also there are new Headliner Shows in Germany coming up!
Presented by ROCKHARD
14.10.2022 K├ľLN
15.10.2022 FRANKFURT Main
28.10.2022 HAMBURG
29.10.2022 BERLIN
10.12.2022 BAUTZEN
Tickets –> TOUR

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