Hello everybody, we are so excited to finally share this track with you: TORMENTO

It is the second song on our upcoming record AYAM and apparently is a bit different than anything we have done before. Of course, we always give our best to make every song as unique as possible. This one kind of just happened on the way, there was no real plan in the beginning, but as we worked on it, the sheer intensity and cathartic feel of the music made us push things to an extreme wherever possible. As for any song of the record, there’s no way around it: all has been written in early pandemic times and we think we captured our feelings quite well. Anyway, please enjoy TORMENTO. Andy / DIS.

Produced & Edited by Bastien Bodenstein – https://www.instagram.com/bastienbodenstein
Camera by Peter Leukhardt – https://www.instagram.com/peterleukhardt

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Also today we have a new single out: AM ABGRUND –  the 11-min-opener of AYAM is now available on Spotify and YouTube and everywhere else.

But beware: this track is intense! Be sure to drop us a line at our socials 🙏

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Hello everybody, today is the day! …. drum roll … our new record AYAM will be out on 04 NOV 2022 and starting today PRE-ORDER is available at our online store https://disillusion.shop/ !

AYAM will be released as beautiful CD Digipak, 2LP Vinyl and CD Hardcover Artbook Edition plus wonderful Shirts all designed by the great Safi!

We are extremely proud of the record and really can’t wait to hear what you think about it!


Pre-order your copy here https://disillusion.shop/

AYAM is also available at the Prophecy Online Store.

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After extremely careful consideration the band and Sebastian have agreed to go on separate ways from now on for private reasons. I am very grateful for the 12 intense years together, his huge efforts over time and his dedication for and faith in the band. We wish him from all our hearts only the best for all his future endeavors! Sebastian has contributed many things to this new coming record, may it be musical ideas, riffs, long talks – he is and will always be a vital part of it, as of THE LIBERATION and ALEA. Period.
At this point all I want to say is: Thank You Sebastian!
Sad news.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, after 2,5 intense years of writing and recordings, our new album is finally finished! We are so happy about the result, it sounds just amazing. The record was mixed by none other than the iconic Mr. Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. We are very very thankful for his work and efforts!
It was amazing to see and hear his musicality and craftsmanship live at the studio some weeks ago. The whole thing is one piece now, despite the millions of details that Jens put together so well. Yet we were all happy to (quote) “get through this alive” 🙂 A huge thank you also to the whole team at the Fascination Street Studios: Linus and Ricardo and of course Tony Lindgren for the great Mastering of the record!
Stay tuned folks … sooner than you imagine …

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.. What a great weekend, thank you all for making this so memorable and huge thanks the whole crew and festival!

It happenend to be our first show in over 2 years right in the middle of finalizing and mixing our new album, so for us a lot is going on at the same time. Rehearsals even took place while we were still tracking vocals … crazy, anyway we are very glad everything went more or less without bruises

Our full show at @graspopmetalmeeting was streamed live and you can watch it right here https://events.pickx.be/nl/graspop/vod/?id=41490

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Hello everybody, it’s crazy – 20 years ago in Nov2001 our debut EP THREE NEURON KINGS came out and paved the way for all the great things to come up to today. Last night we took the chance to celebrate in the original lineup w/ Jens and Rajk and myself during a Patreon live Q&A, that was a lot of fun and a reunion of sorts 🙂 I can’t really remember when was the last time the three of us got together. I dare to include a picture of us 20 years ago unwrapping the package containing the first TNK cds on Jens‘ car somewhere in Leipzig in 2001, and yes, we also do get older … and wiser 😜 I am sure there will be something happening next year … but today I want to thank all of you who supported us from the very first days! That means so much to us!! … TNK is available on all streaming services, but if you wish to support us directly please order your copy here Cheers 🖤

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EUROPEAN TOUR in September 2022 with OSCUAR & PERSEFONE!!
Tickets and Info here: TOUR

Also there are new Headliner Shows in Germany coming up!
Presented by ROCKHARD
14.10.2022 KÖLN
15.10.2022 FRANKFURT Main
28.10.2022 HAMBURG
29.10.2022 BERLIN
10.12.2022 BAUTZEN
Tickets –> TOUR

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