We proudly announce that our drummer Martin is now officially endorsed by @samsuncymbals and is now part of the #samsunfamily.⠀
With Martins words: “Thanks to Samsun for the warm welcome. In combination with my @rockstroh_drums set, these cymbals will complete my sound to a more higher quality and fit perfectly to Disillusions atmosphere.”⠀

Friends, Disillusion is coming to your living rooms!

We invite you to join our Livestream Concert from Leipzig / Werk2 on Easter Monday April 13th at 8 PM CEST. Apparently due to the Covid-19 situation also our THE LIBERATION TOUR was cut short and we take the chance to do this very special show for you all over the world. We are very excited!

+++ DETAILS about the evening will be posted here and everywhere in the next few days +++

Friends, unfortunately our shows in Wien, Salzburg and Innsbruck at the end of the month had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus situation. We are very sorry, but of course we support the general decree issued by the Austrian government, the developements are not to be taken lightly. The local promoters and we give our best to find new dates for the shows whenever it will be possible. At the moment we have no ideas when these will take place. For now, your TICKETS will be refunded at the participating booking offices!! Again, we are sorry … hope to see you all very soon. Stay save and healthy!

Two monhts after the release of our new album THE LIBERATION today the third video off the record is out: TIME TO LET GO. Shot in the beautiful Elbsandsteingebirge, a national park here in eastern Germany, we believe the landscapes and pictures very well reflect our ideas of deceleration, acceptance and understanding.

Thank You to everyone involved in making this video! And please enjoy …

The future is now … some days ago we had a very intense brunch to talk about everything we want to make happen in the near future and how it can be done. Of course we also talked a lot about a new record! THE LIBERATION being released only two months ago makes things seem a little awkward, but we feel ready to take the next steps: new album, writing new music, new ideas … and all has already begun … absolutely excited to go onto this next journey!
Off to new horizons …

We collected some reviews for THE LIBERATION!

… aber letztendlich ist das hier ganz große, eigenständige (Rock-)Musik. Atemberaubend!

9/10 pts – ROCKHARD.de

Nix Desillusionierung – dieses Comeback ist unerwartet groß!!

9,5/10 pts – POWERMETAL.de

Große Songs, große Gefühle!

9/10 pts – METAL.de

The Liberation vereint die Stärken und Stilmittel beider Vorgänger und präsentiert DISILLUSION menschlich wie musikalisch gereift.


This is narrative based prog metal at its finest, where the music both reflects and drives along poetic lyrical matter on what proves to be a riveting journey from beginning to end.

9,5/10 pts – METAL-DISCOVERY.com

“The Liberation is a deceptively easy album to listen to, to the point where it’s also incredibly easy to lose yourself in it and, as a result, lose almost a full hour”


And see that this album is fantastic, in the here and now. Let us be liberated from the past.


… denn eins sind DISILLUSION bei aller Virtuosität geblieben: Arschtretender, emotionaler Metal!


DISILLUSION verkörpern die musisch-metallische Befreiung 2019

9/10 pts – STREETCLIP.de