Patreon Crowdfunding

Hello and thank you for your interest in our Crowdfunding on!

In early 2017 we launched a crowdfunding campaign on with the simple purpose to be able to concentrate on writing and producing the third Disillusion album – the album that evolved to be THE LIBERATION and what might have led you here today.

You may call it a trademark of the band, that each of our songs has a certain depth – musically and emotionally. After producing our „comeback“ single ALEA it was very clear to us, that if Andy were to pursue his regular studio job parallel to writing new Disillusion material, it would take ages to complete a new record. And it also would not be certain if the material would reach that level of musicality that we and the fans of the band want.

This means in detail: BACK TO TIMES OF SPLENDOR took about 18 months of writing and production, GLORIA even a bit longer and the same goes for THE LIBERATION.

That means 18 months + of straight work and private sacrifices hard to put into words. If you think this sounds exaggerated, please be assured, it is not! Not complaining here … it is a choice of course as everything in life … and Andy’s choice is to write such music as we do.

With the incredible support from about 200 friends of the band, Andy was enabled to focus on the work on THE LIBERATION. The record in fact was only possible through the support of those individuals, many of whom we now know personally from Meet & Greets, from the Patreon Pre-Listening Session and Concert in May 2019 way before the record was released, and by our regular Live Video Q&As on Patreon.

And though THE LIBERATION has been released just some months ago in September 2019, we are already writing for and working on THE FOURTH Disillusion Album!

To do that as good and even better, we need your support!

We hope to see you soon in our Patreon community at – where you will find extended and detailed information about the financial idea, what our goals are, what will be happening with your pledges, and of course what you will receive in return!

Patreon – unlike other crowdfunding concepts – is based on a monthly support payment (that of course can be cancelled at any time). If you already know that such monthly dediction is not the right thing for you but you want to support us, please send us an email, we will definitlely find a way!

Again, thank You very much for your interest! And we hope to hear from you soon …

Andy & Disillusion.